Military Coins

Military Coins – A True Collectible
by: Frank Nelson

Military Challenge Coins Do More Than Honor and Commemorate, They Encourage Others to Be Their Best

Military challenge coins are significant pieces of memorabilia. Used to honor those that serve their countries in the armed forces and to commemorate individuals with impressive lists of accomplishments, the small tokens of appreciation date back to early World War I where they were awarded to a small group of soldiers.

Due to their versatility, challenge coins have been created for every branch of the service and have been used as ways to encourage others to be their best. Owners of the coins challenge one another to complete specific tasks. If the person being challenged fails to live up to their end of the bargain by producing their unit’s coin, they are required to buy the challenger a round of drinks. If everyone involved in the challenge produces their unit’s coin, the challenger has to buy drinks for them. Coins that have been altered and made into keychains and belt buckles do not count. The challenge coin must be in its original form to be considered valid.

Challenge coins can be custom made using a school, church group, or organization’s logo and chosen colors. Due to the weight and thickness of each coin, the perceived value of this type of promotional product is exceptional.

A number of products are available to help protect and display challenge coin collections. PVC envelopes, coin capsules, velvet bags, acrylic coin cases, velvet coin cases, and plastic coin stands help individuals contain numerous challenge coins and make them accessible to the public. Whether displayed in a person’s home or place of employment, one thing is certain. Challenge coins are real conversation starters.

Business owners can break the ice by discussing their role within a particular group or organization with potential clients. Sports teams can note their accomplishments when soliciting sponsorships or fundraising. Students with club affiliations and academic achievements can use challenge coins to bolster an already impressive resume or portfolio. Keeping a couple of good photographs handy of the challenge coins to give to potential employers or university officials can help the interview process.

Military challenge coins are diverse and unique. Customized with a group, organization, university, or business logo, they speak volumes to those that they honor by being the type of collectible that really means something.

People from all around the world love to display their challenge coins. Some even go as far as creating pendants out of existing coins. Wearing the challenge coin around their neck instills a sense of pride in their achievements and motivates others to remain determined despite their circumstances. It does not, however, make it eligible in the case of a challenge. Only those coins in their original form qualify in that situation.

Challenge coins have become a part of history and a valued collectible item by not only those who have served and continue to serve our country, but private citizens and collectors looking for a highly treasured and unique collectible item that is admired by people around the globe.

Frank Nelson is a collector of Military Coins and Challenge Coins